JAIPUR FAB & CRAFTS is established in the year 2012. JAIPUR FAB & CRAFTS is the proud creator of traditional, home decor handcrafted products all of which feature natural ingredients and Jaipur’s famous prints and styles. We create everything, from scarves to Kantha-style bed covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, quilts, quilted (reversible) jackets, and other garments as well such as palazzo’s, Kurtis, and more.

We are a wholesale manufacturer. We provide wholesale Fabric manufacturers or distributors. We are import and export of fabric.

We source our raw material locally and after its initial bleaching, drying, and cutting process, we supply it to the village women who then make these specialized products. We house more than 500 wooden blocks for block prints, so all the designs that are created; they are created from experience and through customization as well. The final finishing touches are given at my workshop.

Our entire process has been curated in such a way that at no point is any material harming the environment nor is it harming anyone. We use natural ingredients and equip local village women who, after learning about the trends and styles, create products for us. We use unique, handmade, pure cotton and use all-natural colors & ingredients in printing. The water that is used in block printing can be refined and reused again for irrigation or even for drinking purposes after filtration!

Block printing is an old art form, going back approximately 800 years, when water did not need to be filtered and when the Pink City had not yet become the city it is today. So we take great pride in not only retaining this age old art form but also in introducing it to the world.